Scéal: The story of us, all of Requiem for Sanity Webcomic "Anivoy" T2
Tsunacon AMV: Reflection Tsunacon 2009 AMV Compo:
1st Place
Tsunacon AMV: Break it Out With Brawn and Dills Tsunacon 2010 AMV Compo:
3rd Place Overall
Requiem for Sanity: The Villainy of Galrath Requiem for Sanity: The Villainy of Galrath pt 1
The site which is home to where my legend began, in the 21th Century!
It's actually my second site, but the first one is better forgotten..
Currently functions as my blog, which is mostly about figures, anime, manga and games.
The creative side of AE.. Made it mainly due a "2 free domains" deal.
Home to my portfolio, photos and webcomics.

Webcomic "Anivoy" (T2)

Webcomic "Anvioy"
My first webcomic, which started random. Was mostly about anime, games and slice of life. And madness. Can't forget the madness! Attempt at a solid story failed, so it'll make an epic comeback as Webcomic "Anivoy" T2 (Take 2).

Requiem for Sanity
Requiem for Sanity
My second attempt at a webcomic with a story.
It takes place in the world of Tyria where an apocalyptic Prophecy is about to come true!

Maio vs. Miao
Maio vs. Miao
The webcomic of a fellow GW-player. I offered to host Maio's comics because browsing through deviantart was a pain.
Aren't I nice? :D

My Youtube, should say enough.

Deviant Art
My DevArt account. Not really active there though.

My Figure Collection
The database I use to keep track of what figs I own, have preordered and want.

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