Comic #11
Author's Notes:
The bane of my existence. More of a rant/rage comic.

I just have no damn luck with Bandai products.
At least with GSC you can contact them for replacement parts (except black-dot-syndrome, which many many figures suffer from. IS THERE NO CURE?!), but Bandai's not as easily approachable outside Japan..

Almost all my SHF have nubmarks, AGP Char too. The D-Arts' joints are either too tight or too loose, Raidou arrived with a large chunk of paint looking ripped off his chest! Goku has a miscolored neck, various figures have the random black dots in the paint, Ash has paint leaking out of his mouth and now Freyja with the paint issue on both hairpieces. Urgh. Oh, and my only RD has such tight joints they could easily snap off when moving.
But the worst, the very worst, was still SHF Yami. The one I got was just bootleg quality with the defects it had. Thankfully the store replaced that one at least.

Unfortunately, I still have SHF Sora on preorder and it seems he's gonna be a Goku with the way only his face is heavily shaded and the rest of the skin.. having none.

Why am I still buying Bandai products that aren't kits?!